How We Can Help You

Odiham Health Centre Trust Fund is here to help patients of the Odiham Health Centre. Our working name is Pathfinders for Patients.

We always work in tandem with the NHS and never in competition with it.

If you need help with specific medical needs we can often provide patients with access to the help they need from a variety of sources. The trust team is very resourceful and we have within our ranks a doctor and a nurse both with many years experience. Medical confidentiality is guaranteed.

We are also able to help patients get the help they need from statutory bodies such as the DHSS. If you are worried about a form and some of them can be quite daunting we've probably seen it before and can often advise how best to proceed.

OHCTF also maintains a fleet of 'loan' wheelchairs available locally. The chairs are designed for short-term loan to patients who need a chair for a limited period.

Our brief is to help and support all patients of Odiham Health Centre and even if you think we wont be able to help please ask first, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Refurbished Wheelchairs